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In WorldBox APK MOD Everything is Unlocked, has unlimited money, liberates worlds and creation, builds civilizations, gets achievements, Utilization of Pixel Paint, and has no ads and you can play it offline. This MOD version is free from restrictions so you can create new worlds with just one click. 
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Forming your world was a metaphor before Maxim Karpenko released the WorldBox APK game with pixelated aesthetics. You may customize your planet in this game. You have complete control. Because WorldBox APK is all about building and governing civilizations. You can update and establish new rules, add or change items, or tap on a spot. You may design various species such as humans, animals, and dinosaurs. However, you have some constraints, such as being unable to unlock the next planet and having little money. 

In WorldBox MOD APK, you have unlimited coins and unlock new worlds, no advertisement and you can play this game offline. You can’t open a new world in the original version, but in the MOD version, you can unlock a new world without completing the previous one. To enjoy this game, hit the link below.

MOD Features

In WorldBox APK MOD Everything is Unlocked, has unlimited money, liberates worlds and creation, builds civilizations, gets achievements, Utilization of Pixel Paint, and has no ads and you can play it offline. This MOD version is free from restrictions so you can create new worlds with just one click. 

Everything is  Unlocked

In the MOD version, heroes, paint, bullets, tools, plants, animals, human races, and calamities may all be unlocked. In this most recent edition, everything is unlocked and available for free.

Unlimited Money

The WorldBox APK MOD provided infinite money or coins. You may get new goods by spending these coins. You may create new alterations and improve your things or goods without restriction, but in the original edition, you have restricted funds and can only make limited modifications and upgrades.

Unlock Worlds

The other planets in the WorldBox APK MOD have no limitations. You can obtain an incredible experience by unlocking new worlds without completing the previous one. The new planets are inaccessible in the original edition.

No Ads

While playing the game, the customized version of WorldBox blocked advertisements. When you see an advertisement while playing a game, it distracts your attention away from the game. All advertisements have been eliminated, and you will now see the user-friendly design.

Play Offline

Playing this game offline is possible if you have the MOD version of it. As a result, you may play and enjoy this game at any time and from any location without the need for an internet connection.

Basic Features

The WorldBox APK provided you restricted access to functions such as limiting currencies, constructing planets, establishing civilizations, building roads and residences, defining regulations, expressing your displeasure, and creating various species.


The latest version of WorldBox’s MOD APK grants players dominance from the first inning. That is, they are the most important people on your planet and perform an important role. Lakes, hillsides, cliffs, man tribes, creatures, wild animals, and even extinct species, can all be depicted.

Build Civilization

If you want a nation-state structure, you can draw boundaries in the updated version. You may also construct houses, structures, alliances, empires, kingdoms, armies, and so on.

Use of Pixel Paint

Paintbrushes and a variety of other magical instruments will be necessary for developing and building the planet. All brushes and tools that assist you in creating your planet are unlocked in the WorldBox MOD APK.

Money or  Coins

The number of coins in the game’s original edition is restricted. You must win more games and battles to gain more cash. Smash your opponents and enemies to win more coins and rewards.

Constructing Planets

Construction and alteration of planets are both possible in the WorldBox APK. You determine what sort of society and species you want on your planet, as well as the regulations that govern them.

Establishing Civilization

In your world, civilization progress is also possible. It is totally up to you to create the civilization you choose. It may be used to construct villages, alliances, kingdoms, people valleys, buildings, roads, and rivers.

Defining Regulations

You have the authority to impose a variety of regulations on the inhabitants of your kingdom as you are its ruler. The laws governing gravity and the surroundings can be changed as desired.

Expressing Your Displeasure

If any of the species breaks the laws you’ve established, you may express your rage by sending natural disasters their way. To frighten them, you can generate storms, eruptions, hurricanes, earthquakes, and downpours.

Creating Different Species

You may construct many species, including animals, birds, people, and plants, in this game. Additionally, you can make monsters like dinosaurs. You may transport these critters to land, cultivate the appropriate ecosystem, and construct suitable living places for them.


WorldBox is a game in which you may design and govern your universe. You may create routes, buildings, structures, rivers, and many other things. This game provides many premium features for free. You have access to limitless money, buy and unlock all things. Furthermore, it has unrestricted access to all paid products, and an ad-free interface. While in the original version, you have to buy and unlock things with money. It is a 2-dimensional illustration and quite popular among gamers. This game has been played by 10 million people, with a rating of 4.6/5 stars. Choose a suitable location for the first intelligent creatures since the number of resources they can gather influences how rapidly their settlements expand.



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